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Welcome to FCI's Monitored Student Centre!

Dear FCI Monitored Student is designed to address the unique needs of the minor-aged high school students and minor-aged college/university students supported through the Monitored Custodial Custodial GuardianGuardianship Service offered by First Choice International Placement Inc.

Here you can quickly access important information and online forms to ensure that your Custodial Guardian and assigned Student Monitor are aware of your current requirements and/or any changes in your situation.

If you are a high school student you will also find important information about our exciting chaperoned tours to amazing places throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest area of the USA.

If you are a college or university student you will also find a move request form that allows us to consider your request to move out of your assigned homestay or out of the campus residence.

Finally, for all students you will find useful links to important information that you may require or that will guide and assist you in some of the tasks that you must do as an international student.

Should you have any questions please begin by contacting your assigned Student Monitor. Alternatively you can contact our office directly at 604-984-0868 and we would be pleased to assist you.


Collin Mercer
Your Custodial Guardian

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