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Becoming An FCI Host Family
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We are always looking for warm and caring host families, whose primary language is English, and who have extra room for an international student or visitor.

Our students request homestays because they want to learn about Canadian culture and practice their English in the world's greatest classroom, your home. You will not only give a student the chance to experience daily life in Canada, but you will also provide yourself and your family with an opportunity to learn about another culture without having to leave your home.

Host Responsibilities

  1. Providing a private bedroom for each student unless double placement has been confirmed.

  2. Providing a safe and comfortable environment, and accommodating no more than three (3) international students (including students from other organizations). An FCI representative must be notified of any exceptions in this regard.

  3. Students requesting half-board should receive breakfast (can be self-serve) and dinner 7 days a week. Students requesting full-board should additionally receive a bag lunch on school days and lunch in the home on weekends. Ideally, the student should have dinner with you and your family as often as possible. If you are unable to cook some evenings, please let the student know in advance and leave food for him/her to prepare.

  4. Be available at your home on the day of the student's arrival. In the event you are unable to be at your home you must discuss your alternative arrangements with an FCI representative prior to the student's arrival.

  5. In most cases First Choice International Placement Inc. arranges for the collection and payment of homestay fees. Our experience suggests this is a preferred arrangement for both the student and host family. We offer convenient payment options for the student inculding Visa, MasterCard or bank-to-bank wire transfers. Prior to discussing payment of homestay fees with a student, we request that you contact an FCI representative to discuss your intentions.

  6. In the event the student chooses to move in the middle of the month or study cycle any unused prepaid fees must be returned to FCI, provided proper notice is given. If a student moves within the first 2 weeks of homestay no notice is required. After this, students must give at least two weeks notice.

How to Apply

The best homestay experiences don't just happen. Host family interviews and careful pre-screening ensures both the student and the homestay family enjoy a meaningful experience.

  1. Complete the on-line Host Family Application as the first step in becoming an FCI host family. If you require a printable application form please contact us at 604-984-2373 or via email.

  2. A reply will be emailed to you within 7 - 10 days after submission of an application. The reply will confirm your suitability for our program and will indicate whether an interview will take place.

  3. Once an interview has been scheduled you must arrange to complete a criminal record check at your cost. Please ensure that this includes a vulnerable sector check as some students may be under the age of majority (19 years) in British Columbia. A printable request form on our company letterhead will be forwarded to you to take to your local police department. Some police departments will not require this request form but will require our company name and address.

Our Support to You

By liaising between the student, homestay family and our international agents we offer critical cultural understanding, counseling, and conflict resolution to assist the student and the Canadian host family. Also, no matter how carefully a host family plans for a guest within their home unexpected emergencies can occur. We are available 24 hours each day to assist with alternative planning.

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